How to Add Facebook Leads to Iterable

Add Facebook Leads to Iterable

We offer an Iterable integration so that you can pass new Facebook Lead Ad Leads to Iterable lists instantly via LeadSync.

Iterable is a powerful growth marketing platform that can be used to combine Email, mobile push, SMS, in-app notifications, web push, and social to engage your customers.

Using our integration, you can instantly add Facebook leads to your Iterable lifecycle marketing campaigns. This is particularly useful for customer acquisition via the Facebook and Instagram mobile apps.

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How to connect Iterable to Facebook Ads via LeadSync:

  1. Login to LeadSync and go to Connections.
  2. Click the Add Connections button.
  3. From the Connections dropdown, select Iterable
  4. Generate an API key in Iterable by going to Integrations > API Keys and click on the New API Key button. LeadSync requires a Standard API key.
  5. Past the API key into the “Add your Iterable API key” field.
  6. Enter a name for your connection. This is for your internal reference only. We recommend you use the name of your Iterable list in case you decide to create multiple connections.
  7. Click the Update Connection button. This will retrieve your lists from Iterable.
  8. You should now be able to select the Iterable list that you would like to send your Facebook leads to.
  9. Click Update Connection again to save this connection.

Connecting a Facebook Lead form to your Iterable connection:

Now that you’ve added an Iterable connection to LeadSync, you need to connect the lead form your using in your Facebook and/or Instagram ads.

  1. Click on the Lead Forms menu item and then the Add Facebook Lead Form button.
  2. Select your Page from the drop down. LeadSync may take a few seconds to access your page and load the associated forms.
  3. Select the form you with to connect from the drop down, making sure you select the same lead form you’re using in your ad.
  4. Select the Iterable connection you setup above.
  5. Click Update Notifications to save your changes.
  6. Test your connection using the Facebook lead testing tool.
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