Advertsuite Review: Facebook Ads Inspiration Tool

Recently I purchased a copy of Advertsuite , a tool that indexes tens of thousands of Facebook Ads worldwide. Some might call it a “spy tool” I prefer to call it an inspiration tool 😉.

Having used Advertsuite for a couple of weeks now, I’m pretty impressed. Here’s is a quick video review to give you some insight into the features of the tool that I’ve been using to assist me with my own Facebook ads as well as my consulting clients’ ads.

Here’s a quick summary if you’re not into watching videos:

I wanted to share with you a tool that I’ve been using recently to help me with Facebook Ads inspiration for my business as well as my clients’ businesses. There are quite a few people who use LeadSync in many different industries and niches where this tool could be helpful.

Advertsuite DashboardFor example, there’s a lot of LeadSync customers who are buying and selling property and using Facebook Lead ads to find people who want to sell their home. We have car dealerships offering new car test drives via Lead ads. And many others.

So, I’ve found Advertsuite to be a great tool for looking at how competitors are advertising similar products; to see what messaging an images are working for other advertisers.

To help find ads that might be similar to yours, using Advertsuite , you can search by a keyword that appears in the ad text as well as your country and a number of other attributes.

test drive keyword search results in AdvertsuireIn the example above, I’m searching for ads shown in the United States, that include the keyword “test drive” with the intent of seeing how car dealerships and car brands encouraging their audience to try out a new vehicle.

In the search results Jeff Gordon Chevrolet appears, which is a car dealership. They’re in the US and they are advertising their new truck. Within the Advertsuite results, you can click on the question mark to get more details about the ad.

Now you’ll see the full ad, the call to action and some details around the target demographics.

In regards to the demographics, I’m not too confident that these are accurate, so make sure your testing you own audiences.

On the ad details page you can click through to and see the actual ad on the advertisers page, if it’s live. You’ll also see a link to the landing page.

Car dealership Ad ExampleGoing back to the main Advertuite interface, we can also look at the date ranges when the ad appeared. If the ad has been seen for a long period of time, it tends to suggest that the ad has been successful.

You play with the dates that it’s been seen between, the call to action, the ad type, photo or video, and ad position.

For more info and details on other features, Advertsuite (aff).

By Luke Moulton

Founder of