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Facebook Lead Ads and Email Automation

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Wouldn’t it be cool if you could automatically follow-up a new Facebook Lead Ad lead with a tailored email response depending on what they answered in the lead form?

For example, if someone clicks on your Lead Ad, goes to the lead form then answers a multi choice question, wouldn’t it be great if you could automatically send them a different email based on their answer?

Well, with and ActiveCampaign you can. Here’s how…

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Facebook Lead Ads MailerLite

How to Synchronize Facebook Leads with MailerLite

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MailerLite is a great “lite” email marketing platform for small business. With a great drag and drop editor it makes creating good looking email newsletters easy. More importantly, MailerLite also has email autoresponders, so when you generate a new lead from Facebook ads, you can use LeadSync to add this lead to an autoresponder sequence and start marketing to new leads right away.

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How to Synchronize Facebook Leads with GetResponse

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There are a couple of important steps you need to take to sync Facebook Lead Ad leads with GetResponse. If you want to be able to start contacting your leads via GetResponse, then you need to make sure you’ve disabled the double opt-in functionality on you GetResponse campaign.

Make sure you follow all the setup below to get your Facebook Lead Ads leads into GetResponse campaigns.

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White Labelling Facebook Lead Ads Email Notifications

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If you’re an agency building leads for your clients via Facebook Lead Ads, you may have looked at a number of solutions that allow you to deliver them leads. Driftrock and LeadsBridge are two services that can forward Facebook Leads via email, however they can be expensive and restrictive.

With LeadSync we can help you setup Facebook Lead Ads notifications so that they appear to come form your agency email address along with a simple signature.

This means that when your client receive their Facebook Ads leads via email, they will appear to come from “”. This reinforces your brand and hopefully reminds your client why they’re paying you the big bucks 😉

This white label option is available with our Agency Plan, and requires some setup on your domain, but once done means that your client will see leads appearing in their inbox, coming from your email address.