Automotive Sales Lead Generation with Facebook Lead Ads

If you need a place to find potential customers for your new or used car dealership, you’ve probably already thought about and maybe even discounted using Facebook lead ads. If you have discounted using Facebook lead ads, you may want to give it a second look. That’s because Facebook’s most potent marketing weapon is one you can’t find on any other social media platform.

Facebook uniquely has almost intimate knowledge of its platform users. That makes Facebook a powerful advertising and marketing tool. By using Facebook auto sales lead generation, you have the opportunity to place your ad in front of a target audience already interested in the type of cars you sell.

Read on to find out more information about how Facebook auto lead sales generation can help you in ways you never imagined in 2021. The below Facebook auto sales lead guide will provide information on how finding customers for your new or used car dealership is one click away if you follow the guidelines listed below.

Facebook Ads for Car Sales

The below provides information on using Facebook lead generation ads for car dealerships no matter their size. You may already be aware of how Facebook lead ads provide a powerful advertising medium for generating leads. What you may not know is how this online marketing space is growing and positively impacting the car sales industry.

About 75% of potential customers looking for cars want to receive some form of personalizing engagement on their smartphone from their auto brand. The main reason given is most car shopping customers want the most seamless and simplified car buying experience possible. What’s more, customers want a way to have a direct conversation so they can take action when they’re ready. 

As a car dealership selling new or used cars, you need to find a way to enable secure and user-friendly transactions with customers. By building and integrating Messenger into your customer sales strategy, you’ve given yourself one way to enable accessible and continual communication platforms. Messenger on Facebook also allows people to browse your cars and then process a buying transaction if you agree on the purchase price.

Step-By-Step Guide for Facebook Auto Sales Leads

Whether you work for a car dealership in sales as an employee or are in charge of marketing for an agency that has a car dealership, client Facebook Lead ads offer a bold and robust method of obtaining leads on mobile devices. The step-by-step is so easy it’s considered to be one of the premier lead generation application tools for customers with mobile devices.

#1 – The Customer Sees Your Facebook Ad

Once your customer sees the car add and clicks on it, they’re presented with a pre-filled out form from that has their Facebook profile information already inserted. Since the form is pre-filled, they don’t have to worry about trying to enter the information manually on a mobile device. All they have to do to submit the form is click enter.

#2 – Facebook Confirm, Verify, and Download for Lead Generation

The potential customer is asked to confirm the details they just submitted through a confirmation screen. It’s on the confirmation screen they are prompted to visit your website. This is usually the time the potential customer can download something you have (i.e., the picture and information on your website about the car). 

The leads and their respective details are submitted to Facebook, where you download them to a CSV (Excel) file.

#3 – Facebook Auto Sales Funnel

While submitting your leads and their respective details to Facebook via a CSV file may seem a market reporting technique from yesterday, what you do next is straight out of marketing sales from the future. Many times, your Facebook leads can be funneled to your email inbox or your in-house CRM method. Facebook lead ad campaigns are generating 24/7, seven days a week.

While you know your car dealership demographics best, you can bet that Facebook also knows how to reach out to your targeted demographic. When you provide the vehicles your customer wants at the right time, the only place you go is up through your click-through rate (CTR). However, your cost per click (CPC) comes down.

The most powerful pay-per-clicks in 2020 are through Google AdWords and Facebook. 

Facebook for Auto Sales Leads

The numbers are staggering. During the last quarter of 2019, over 2.9 billion people used a Facebook product. There are over 1.3 billion active users for Facebook Messenger. Before you start setting up your hard Facebook PPC generation lead clicks, you want to make sure you have your car product catalog set and ready to go. 

Make sure your car product images meet Facebook’s content guidelines, which range from square carousel ad images at 600X600 pixels and single ad images at 1200 X 630. It’s even better to optimize your adverts, so your cars are grouped by category, price, theme, discount, etc. Target your Facebook potential customers by directing them to your mobile app platform so they can reach out to you when and as needed.

The Way Forward for Your Facebook Auto Sales Lead Generation

Almost every car dealership can use the targeted exposure and marketing available through the Facebook auto sales lead generation platform. When you’re ready to take your auto dealership or dealership client a few steps forward, reach out to They’ll make sure you’re finding a way to use the people who have already visited your website by converting them while they are moving through their different buying PPC stages. 

Because every Facebook auto sales buyer may be in a different stage of interest, you want to make sure you target them in different marketing stages with the Facebook Auto sales lead generation application tools. Facebook helps tailor your audience, and ensures you or your salespeople get instant notification of your new leads while the customer interest is actively ongoing. 

Your ability to respond to your leads instantly has immeasurable value. Don’t let your auto sale leads slip away from you or lose money on wasted clicks that go nowhere. Drive your auto dealership forward into the future, but do it today.

By Luke Moulton

Founder of