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Realtor Facebook Ads

The Simple 3 Step Process to Creating Killer Realtor Facebook Lead Ads

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So, we made this great post highlighting 4 creative ways that realtors were using Facebook lead ads, but, we realized, some people may not know where to start when it comes to Facebook lead ads. What good is a top 4 list if you don’t even know how to set up a Facebook ad? So, today, we’re going to go back to the basics. Here’s exactly how to create compelling lead ads on Facebook that act as a prospect magnet.

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Converting Sales Leads

4 Best Practices for Converting Sales Leads

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We all pour a ton of resources into capturing leads. Think about how many resources you put forward into dragging these leads into your funnel. You have a marketing team that works diligently to deliver critical content. At the same time, you’re probably utilizing some SaaS, outside services, and a portion of sales towards lead capture. So, why is it that we drop-the-ball on all of those leads? In fact, according to Forbes, we lose out to 71% (on average) of all of those juicy leads.

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Realtor Facebook Lead Ads

4 Amazing Ways Realtors are Using Facebook Lead Ads

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As a realtor, leads are your bread-and-butter. Whether you’re pumping time into inbound marketing, outbound marketing, social media strategies, or influencers, you’re end goal is shoving prospects through your funnel.

But, getting leads has always involved a certain level of friction between you and your customer. When they viewed that killer content that you created, and you drove them to your perfectly designed landing page, there was that moment of hesitation when it came time to input their personal details.

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3 Facebook Lead Ads Success Stories from the Automotive Industry

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Here at LeadSync, we’ve seen a quite a few business using Facebook Lead ads to generate test drives for new cars as well as car sales for new and used cars.

If you’re in the automotive industry and using Facebook Lead Ads, you know what a powerful tool it is for generating fresh leads. But it’s always encouraging to see what others are doing in the space.

Here are three examples of automative lead gen success stories taken from Facebook’s own Automative success stories.

Click in the picks for details of the case studies directly from Facebook.

Mini Australia

Mini Australia Facebook Lead Ads Results

Volvo Car Germany

Volvo Germany Automotive Facebook Lead Ads


BMW UK Facebook Lead ads campaign results

Keep in mind you ROI on Facebook Lead Ads: you might think $10 per lead is expensive… but even at a 1% conversion to a purchase…  that’s a cheap lead 😉


White Labelling Facebook Lead Ads Email Notifications

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If you’re an agency building leads for your clients via Facebook Lead Ads, you may have looked at a number of solutions that allow you to deliver them leads. Driftrock and LeadsBridge are two services that can forward Facebook Leads via email, however they can be expensive and restrictive.

With LeadSync we can help you setup Facebook Lead Ads notifications so that they appear to come form your agency email address along with a simple signature.

This means that when your client receive their Facebook Ads leads via email, they will appear to come from “”. This reinforces your brand and hopefully reminds your client why they’re paying you the big bucks 😉

This white label option is available with our Agency Plan, and requires some setup on your domain, but once done means that your client will see leads appearing in their inbox, coming from your email address.

How to get Real Estate Leads with Facebook Lead Ads

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Facebook Lead Ads for Realtors

If you’re a realtor, you understand the importance of building  a database of home owners in your local area. You know that that the vendor is your client, after all they’re the one who pays you.  You also know that chances are, over time, a high percentage of people are going to sell their property.

You’ve probably used direct mail, and more recently, digital lead generation techniques lead generation. And like many realtors you’ve probably created a Facebook Page where you post your new property listing, open for inspections, etc.

But are you taking advantage of one of Facebook’s most powerful lead generation advertising formats, Facebook Lead Ads?

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