How to Download Leads from Facebook

One of the common questions for first time Facebook Lead ad advertisers is “how do I download my Facebook lead ad lead?”.

If you’re not using a lead ad notification service to send leads to your email inbox or a Google Sheet, here’s how to access and download your leads as a CSV file.

  1. From your Facebook Business Page (the one you’re using as the entity to publish your lead ads), click the More link, then Publishing Tools.

2. Click the Forms Library link in the left hand navigation

Download Facebook leads

3. Click the Download link under the Leads column.

4. Choose to download the most recent leads (since you last downloaded), or by date range.

Download Facebook Lead Ad CSV

5. Finally, select the file format you wish to download: CSV or XML. In most cases, the CSV format will be the one you want to use.

Download Facebook leads as a CSV or XML file.

Once you’ve saved the file locally, open it up using Excel or import it to Google Sheets. The spreadsheet should look something like this:

Facebook Lead Ads Spreadsheet

Keep in mind that lead data will be removed after 90 days, so be sure to regularly download and save your leads.

To save yourself having to regularly download your lead ads CSV, you can use LeadSync to automatically add new leads to a Google Spreadsheet and receive email notifications.

Facebook’s own documentation for downloading leads can be found here.

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