A Facebook Guide for Real Estate Agents

A Facebook Gude For Real Estate Agents

Are you searching for relevant topics and ideas to attract the right consumers to interact with your posts? Then search no further because we are sharing five ways to market real estate using Facebook. 

Facebook Lead Ads 

The days of cold calling and print advertising are dwindling, as a majority of the real estate market has taken their business to the internet. In real estate, a major lead generator is Facebook. Are you looking for ways to generate tangible results? 

Facebook’s customizable lead ads give agents the ability to select specific customer demographics so that your ads reach an eligible target audience. Lead Ads do not require a landing page and offer auto-fill features that make it easy for customers to submit their personal information directly to your CRM. Do you want to learn more about Facebook Lead Ads? Check out — How to Create Your First Facebook Lead Ad Campaign.

Using Customer Testimonial Videos for Facebook Ads

Establish a trustful relationship with potential clients by sharing existing customers reviews. Customer testimonials are the easy posts, because the content is readily available. Need tips for high-performing testimonials? Learn How to Turn Facebook Leads Into Conversions now. 

Videos typically generate more engagement on Facebook. Research has revealed that 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others. Videos are a great way to catch user’s attention and increase views and likes. 

There is truly no better marketing than sharing true stories about happy customers finding their dream home. Posting these successful sales will touch potential customers that are searching for that same joyful look that is on your customer’s face. 

Blog Posts 

We recommend all real estate agents have an active blog on their website and that they cross promote blog posts on Facebook and other major social media platforms. Businesses that actively blog are expected to increase monthly leads through SEO conversion. Blogging validates your expertise in the real estate industry. A series of blog posts could be information on the communities and neighborhoods your property is in to increase brand awareness.

Other blog posts can be on topics that are popularly searched on Google : 

  1. What real estate to invest in
  2. Tips for working from home / remotely 
  3. COVID-19 Safety (i.e. How do open houses work in the Pandemic? What are real estate agents doing differently during COVID-19?) 
  4. What to expect in the real estate market in 2021? 
  5. Recommended real estate websites

Virtual Home Tours

Allow potential buyers to see your listing without the hassle of scheduling a time or hosting an open house. Post pictures of the listing, create videos doing house tours, and host virtual open houses on Facebook live. To maximize exposure, providing as much information, visuals, and content on the listing will only increase the amount of generated leads. You can highlight specific neighborhoods, price-drops, and repost older listings on these virtual tours and property videos. 

Create interactive posts 

The more engagement and interaction your post gets then the algorithm will boost it to gain even more views. Use Facebook features like stories to share interactive “games and quizzes” such as “this or that” (users can choose between two options such as marble vs granite countertops and repost their answers to their story). Posts like “tag someone who is good at interior decorating, where is your favorite place to buy furniture, your favorite gardening tip” to entice users to comment on your post and attract a larger audience.