Synchronizing Facebook Lead Ads with DocEngage

DocEngage Facebook Lead Ads Syncing

DocEngage (clinical software) helps in managing the most hectic medical practice with ease. It improves the efficiency of administrative tasks and makes it simple for you manage patients and prospective patient. It also helps provide a comprehensive EMR on patient care without worrying about practice workflow.

Here’s how to synchronize Facebook Lead Ad leads into DocEngage with

  1. Login to LeadSync.
  2. Click on Connections, then Add Connections:

3. Select DocEngage from the drop down menu:

4. Fill up with with your DocEngage email and password and name your connection DocEngage and hit Update connection to save:

5. Next, click Add Facebook Lead Form on the main Dashboard:

6. Select the Page your advertising from, the Form you’re driving leads to and the DocEngage connection you just created. Match the form fields of your FB lead form and your DocEngage fields:


7. Hit Update Notifications and you’re done:

We hope this helps you dive more leads to your sales team via DocEngage. If you have any issues with this connection, don’t hesitate to contact our support team.


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By Luke Moulton

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