LeadSync Facebook Lead Ads Email Deliverability Update

Facebook Lead Ads Notification Emails

We get asked regularly; how can LeadSync be sure that Facebook Lead Ads email notifications will reach customers’ inboxes.

We’ll fortunately we use a “transactional” email service called Mandrill created by the awesome folks from MailChimp. This application ensures notifications are delivered (almost) immediately to email inboxes.

And we’re so glad they’re reliable… because we send almost 100,000 emails via Mandrill every month.

In the last 30 days to-date, so mostly March but some of late February, we’ve sent 92,054 email notifications with a deliverability rate of 99.8%, zero spam complaints and an open rate of 60.3%. If you’ve done some email marketing, you’ll know that those stats are pretty good.

transactional email report mandril

Why is the click rate so low? Well, we don’t add any links in our lead notification emails. This helps ensure higher deliverability rates.

Also, if you haven’t tried Facebook Lead ads in a while, did you know you can now display them in Instagram.

By Luke Moulton

Founder of LeadSync.me