Using Facebook Lead Ads for Recruitment

Facebook Lead Ads for recruitment

Are you hiring?

The recruitment process can be extremely tedious and expensive. Employers are tired of paying thousands of dollars to outsource recruiters or the alternative of using oversaturated job boards to find qualified candidates. Does your company want to reach the most qualified candidates and save money while doing it? Then you should use Facebook Lead Ads to broaden the number of top-notch applicants while paying a fraction of the cost in comparison to a recruiter’s finders fee.

Why use Facebook Lead Ads for Employee Recruitment?

There are several advantages of using Facebook Lead Ads over Job Boards, Recruiters or even LinkedIn. Facebook allows you to reach a drastically larger audience and is competitively cost-efficient. Due to the on-going pandemic, most organizations are working remotely, removing the need to exclusively search for local candidates. Facebook provides employers access to a global workforce.

Job Boards and Professional Networking Sites

Do you want to gain accessibility to the most talented candidates? Facebook is the largest social network worldwide with more than 2.7 billion active users. Job boards have a distinctively smaller talent-pool and can be extremely limiting. Even professional networking platforms, such as LinkedIn, have considerably less active users than Facebook. Although LinkedIn has over 260 million active users, most active users on LinkedIn are out of work and/or actively searching for a new job. Recruiting exclusively through LinkedIn is restrictive because it excludes qualified candidates that are not actively seeking employment but could be a perfect fit for the role.

Job Recruiters 

A majority of recruiters say their cost-per-hire for all open positions is on average $3,000 or less, is your company tired of paying thousands of dollars solely on recruitment? Is your hiring budget limited? Using a job recruiter will typically cost your company 20% of your new employee’s first year salary. Even if your hiring budget isn’t limited, outsourcing recruiters can be very costly. Advertising your company’s job opening through Facebook will save you a significant amount of money. A successful Facebook Lead Ad for recruiting will cost your company on average, approximately $200.

How Do I Create a Facebook Recruiting Ad? 

Is your company hiring for more than one position? To generate the best leads, it is recommended that you create individual ads for each position. 

The three most important aspects of creating a successful ad:

  1. Choose the right campaign objective 
    1. For recruiting — to optimize Cost Per Lead or Cost per click: choose “Collect Leads For Your Business” or “Send People to Your Website”
  2. Create or find an appealing visual image
    1. Choose something that best represents your company (i.e. a picture highlighting your company culture)
  3. Writing a compelling copy that produces clicks 
    1. Write about the benefits of the position and the role’s expectations 

Check out our Facebook Lead ads Guide that will show you how to create your first lead ad campaign.

Optimize Lead Generation Ad

Lead generation ads are the most effective driver of leads because it allows users to upload information quickly and hassle free. After Facebook users click the Call to Action Button, they can choose to submit an auto-populated form with their Facebook provided personal information. This allows users to send your company their information without having to leave the Facebook platform. Another advantage of using Lead Generation Ads is that you do not need to have a website or formal landing page for hiring. 

Targeting the Perfect Recruitment Pool

Facebook gives you the option to choose specific user demographics such as Age, Location, Education Level, Industry, Job Titles, Languages, Interests, and even employees of your competitors. Additionally, you can select the option to create exclusions to remove targeting to  unqualified users. 

Retarget Candidates

If you want to reach users who have previously visited your site and have familiarity with your brand, then you can use retargeting to try to recruit them with your ads. You also have the option to retarget users that have interacted with your ad but have not directly applied for the position. Retargeting ads can substantially boost the amount of applications you receive because it reminds applicants to apply for the position.  

Is this your first Facebook Lead Ad Campaign? 

  • Check out LeadSync’s blog on Lead Ad Campaigns

How to Create Your First Facebook Lead Ad Campaign for more details. 

How Do I Access the Facebook Lead Candidate Information?

After posting the Facebook Lead Ad, you will start to get clicks and submissions. You access submitted candidates information several different ways, based on whether you use Lead Generation or Link Ads

Using Lead Generation 

If you are using a Lead Generation Ad, then you have two options: 

  1. Sync your business’s CRM system to Facebook to upload leads
  2. Manually export generated leads directly from Facebook as a CSV

Using Link Ads

If you do not wish to sync your CRM system or manually exporting leads is too tedious, then you have the option to use Link Ads to drive users directly to your website. 

Lead Ad Email Notifications

Set up Lead Ad Email Notifications to receive alerts instantly when forms are submitted, so you are able to connect with the user as soon as possible.