How to Connect Facebook Lead Ads to Google Sheets

Having to manually and periodically download Facebook Leads as a CSV is a waste of time when you can easily automate the process and send leads to a Google Sheet via LeadSync.

With our Google Sheets integration, you can instantly send new Facebook leads to a Google Sheet. This means that every time your Facebook lead ad generates a new lead, the data from your lead form will be added as a row in your spreadsheet.

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Checkout the video below or keep scrolling to see how it works.

How to Add Facebook Leads to a Google Sheet

Create Your Google Sheet

If you don’t already have a Google Sheet go ahead and create one:

1. Log-in to your Google Account.

2. Go to Google Sheets and create a new sheet, naming it accordingly.

3. Add the fields names to your sheet using making sure they are the same details you are using (or going to use) for your Facebook Lead Form.

Connect a Facebook Lead Form to Google Sheet

1. Next, create a LeadSync account if you don’t have one already and add you Facebook account.

2. Click on Connections then the Add Connection button.

Add Google Sheets Connection to LeadSync

3.  Click on the Connection drop-down arrow and select Google Sheets.

4. You will be taken to another window, click Allow:

Give LeadSync access to Goolge Sheets

5. Name your connection then click Update.

6. You should now be able to select the connection you just created from the List drop down menu. Select your Google Sheet and click Update Connection.

7. Once you are back in the main LeadSync view, go to the Lead Form section, then the Add Facebook Lead Form button.

Add Facebook Lead Form to LeadSync

8. From the drop downs, select your Facebook business page and the correct Lead Form . Select the Google Sheets connection, then Click Update Notifications

Connect Facebook Lead form to Google Sheets

9. Make sure you map the Facebook form fields to the correct Google Sheets fields, then click Update Notification and you’re done.

** At the bottom you can see a submission date field, you don’t need to add this to your Facebook lead form as it’s automatically generated by LeadSync, however, you need to create a submission date column in your Google Sheet to match it correctly.

TIP: you can setup multiple notifications, so you may want to setup an email notification that will alert you when a new lead comes in.

By Luke Moulton

Founder of