Facebook Lead Ads SMS Notifications

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SMS notifications

How to setup SMS notifications for Facebook Lead Ads

We often get asked about SMS notifications for Facebook Lead Ads, and whilst we (currently) don’t natively have this functionality (yet), there is a way to set it up. Here’s how to set up SMS notifications using LeadSync and an Email to SMS service:

  1. Head on over to SMSglobal and set up a free account. There are plenty of Email to SMS providers, this is just the service we’ve tested and used.
  2. Once you’ve logged in, go to API & Integrations > Email Settings. Make sure the green switch is on, then add admin@leadsyc.me to the Allow Sender Email Address field. Click Update Settings.
    SMS Global Email Settings
  3. Now login to your LeadSync account. Go to Connections and click Add a Connection.
    Add an Email Connection
  4. From the dropdown, select Email, then in the Email address field, add the phone number you used when you signed up to SMSglobal, followed by their email subdomain. It should look something like 6141XXXXXXX@email.smsglobal.com. Name your connection then click Update Connection.
    Email to SMS Connection
  5. Now we need to tell LeadSync which Facebook Lead Ad form we want to get SMS notifications from. Go to Lead Forms and click Add Facebook Lead Form.
    Add Facebook Lead Form
  6. ¬†Select the Facebook Page you’re using in your ad and the form. Then select the connection you just set up. Click Update notification.
    Connect Facebook Lead Form
  7. All done! Here’s how to test your Facebook Lead Ad setup.