3 Facebook Success Stories from the Automotive Industry

Here at LeadSync, we’ve seen a quite a few Facebook success stories with Lead ads, used to generate test drives for new cars as well as car sales for used cars.

If you’re in the automotive industry and using Facebook Ads, you know what a powerful tool it is for generating leads. But it’s always encouraging to see what others are doing in the space.

Here are three examples of automotive Facebook Ads success stories.

Click in the picks for details of the case studies directly from Facebook.

Mini Australia

Mini Australia Facebook Lead Ads Results

Volvo Car Germany

Volvo Germany Automotive Facebook Lead Ads


BMW UK Facebook Lead ads campaign results

Keep in mind you ROI on Facebook Lead Ads: you might think $10 per lead is expensive… but even at a 1% conversion to a purchase…  that’s a cheap lead 😉

By Luke Moulton

Founder of LeadSync.me