How to Follow up Facebook Leads Instantly with Email Autoresponders

One of the most powerful ways to generate leads with Facebook Lead Ads is to offer a lead magnet; something you offer your audience for free to encourage them to submit the lead form.

Usually this comes in the form of a free PDF guide, video or download of some sort.

To automatically follow up Facebook leads with an email containing your free offer (an autoresponder), normally you’d either have to use an email marketing platform that costs money, or send it manually.

LeadSync includes a simple Facebook Lead ad email “autoresponder” that will instantly follow up with new leads via email.

You can use it simply send a “Hey, we’ll be in contact shortly” email, or you can use it to deliver a PDF, or link to a video, or … I’ll leave it to you to innovate on it.

How to Setup Facebook Lead Ad Autoresponder Emails

  1. If you’re new to LeadSync, first setup an Email connection so you receive an email notification whenever you generate a new lead via Facebook Lead Ads.
  2. To automatically respond to new leads with an email, go to the “Autoresponders” section and click “Add Autoresponder”.
  3. Add the details to the email that you want your leads to receive. You can also add an attachment such as a PDF, Excel or Word doc.
  4. Make sure you apply the responder to the appropriate connection. You can add an attachment to send as part of the email response.

Setting Up Multiple Autoresponders for different forms

Currently, this process is a little tricky but it can be achieved:

  1. From the Connections section, add multiple connections for each Facebook Lead form you’ve setup. In the example below, I’m just using an email connection.
  2. Now from the Lists section, add multiple Facebook Lead Forms for each form you want to send an autoresponder to. You’ll then see something like the below in your list:
  3. Go into the Autoresponder section, and add an autoresponder for each connection that connects to a different Lead form.
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