10 Facebook Lead Gen Ad Examples for Fitness Businesses

Facebook Fitness Ad Examples

Personal Trainers, Gyms, Bootcamps and Fitness Instructors are using using Facebook Lead ads to help generate enquiries for their businesses, big or small.

Below are 10 recent examples of Facebook Lead ads from some of the larger fitness franchises in the US and Australia.

The ads were captured as of March 2020, but you can click on the business name to view the current live ads that these fitness franchises are running.

What’s the common advertising strategy?

Looking at the images and the ad copy, you’ll notice that the most common tacktick to generating leads is to advertise a free session or trial period.

While just about all of the examples offer a free training session, Cyclebar, asks for $10 for a class. Personally I like the psychology behind this. Asking people to pay a small amount up-front will most likely generate more qualified leads, and translate to a higher attendance rate. Quality over quantity if you will!

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By Luke Moulton

Founder of LeadSync.me