Sixth City Facebook Ads Case Study

John Sammon Sixth City CEO

Following is a guest post from Sixth City online marketing agency CEO, John Sammon. 

Advertising on Facebook can be a tremendous asset for a business. As a digital marketing agency, Sixth City Marketing has worked with many clients to help them improve their sales by generating leads via Facebook ads.

One of the best ways to get a response within the paid Facebook platform is by using a specific type of ad called a lead generation ad.

When the Facebook user clicks the lead generation ad, a form pops up within Facebook (rather than driving the visitor to a different website) and pre-populates the form with their name, email address and phone number (information that the person gave when they filled out their Facebook profile).

However, there is a key drawback to using this specific type of ad on Facebook for advertisers. When the interested party or user would fill out the form, the information wouldn’t be automatically relayed to the advertiser via email.

This created critical issues for our firm, which included:

  1. Spending an extensive amount of time manually exporting and sending the leads to the client
  2. Deficiencies in timely responses to contact form submissions by the client
  3. Concerns from the client over the effectiveness of the ads due to points 1 and 2 which are listed above

LeadSync’s service resolved the issues listed above. Their service supplements the Facebook advertising lead ad by adding functionality that allows us to deliver the form submissions instantly to our clients. As a result of this, our clients are able to connect more quickly with the customer and improve the probability of gaining more business, which can be a critical component of a successful sales process.

Thus, LeadSync has been a vital component for our PPC management and paid Facebook campaigns.

We have been a huge fan of LeadSync for a few years now, and with just under 150 lead forms set up, and over 3,750 leads sent, LeadSync has definitely been a worthwhile investment for our agency.

By Luke Moulton

Founder of