How to create conditional answers for Facebook Lead Ad forms

Are you actively trying to grow your email list? 

Facebook lead ads are an excellent tool to accumulate individuals’ email addresses. If this is your first Facebook Lead Ad, you should check out How to Create Your First Facebook Lead Ad Campaign. Lead ad forms are amplified with a conditional answers feature. 

What is a conditional answer?

Conditional answers permit managers to ask a series of questions that can produce various response options based on the answers from the previous questions. When implementing conditional answers, always use the same questions, no matter the responses given. Although the questions remain the same, the answers are altered in response to the answers for the prior questions. 

How do I set up conditional answers in Facebook Lead Ads? 

When creating a Facebook Lead Ad form: 

  1. Ask for general information (i.e. name, email address, phone number)
  2. Then, you will also have the option to create custom questions for specific information
    1. You can choose how you want your audience to answer 
  • Short Answer 
  • Multiple Choice
  • Conditional 
  1. Choose conditional → then Facebook will ask you to upload a CSV file 
  2. In the CSV file : only include potential answers
    1. Organize your answers into columns for each possible answer for every question
    2. Example — If Question #1 is “Would you like a hat or a belt?” Then your answer options would be hat or belt

If Question #2 is “What color would you like?” Then your answer options are dependent on your answer to Question #1 (i.e. If the answer is hat, then it would be red or blue) 

  1. Add the answers to your CSV file and then upload 
  2. Then you can input your questions 

If you need help downloading your leads from Facebook, you can find out more through this link click here.