How to Setup Facebook Lead Ads Email Notifications

By February 17, 2016 FAQs No Comments

The following video and instructions will show you how to setup email notifications for Facebook Lead Ads using While Facebook doesn’t offer email notifications with form details included, you can use our tool to immediately respond to new Facebook leads.

Facebook Lead Ads Email Notifications Setup Instructions

Below is an outline of what’s covered in the video above. Follow these steps to start receiving email notification:

  1. Sign up to with your Facebook account.
  2. Click on Connections and Add Connection
  3. Select “Email” from the connections drop down box, then add your email details and name your connection, then click Update connection.
  4. Go back into the Lists area and click on the Add Facebook Lead Form button
  5. Select your Page from the drop down, then wait for to access your Page.
  6. Once your Page forms have loaded, select them from the second drop down, then select the email connection you want your leads to be sent to.
  7. Hit Update Notifications and you’re done!
  8. Set the From Email address so if  whoever you’re sending notifications to “replies to” email leads, you’ll get the emails (instead of us!).

Using the basic version of LeadSync you’ll receive unlimited email notifications from one page and one form.


There are a couple of limitations to the basic version of our Facebook Lead ads email notifications tool:

  1. You need to be a page administrator, so if you only have Page Advertiser access, you won’t be able to add a form.
  2. The notification email will come from ““. If you need to customise this, you can do so with a paid agency account. You can set the reply to email address as indicated above.
  3. We offer CRM integrations if you need to get your leads into your customer management system. See our home page for current integrations.

If there’s an integration you require, let us know.