How to Setup Facebook Lead Ad Notifications

Facebook Lead Notifications via Email

It’s hard to believe that Facebook doesn’t send new Facebook lead ads notifications to advertisers via email. After all, responding to new leads as quickly as possible has been shown to significantly improve sales conversion rates.

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Having lead data delivered instantly via email, instead of having to login to Facebook and download leads as a CSV file, ensures you can respond as soon as possible. It also means you can easily share leads with your colleagues.

If you’re running Facebook ad campaigns for a client, setting up lead ad notifications also means you don’t have to send your clients a CSV, or ask them to login to Facebook and download their leads.

The following video will show you how to setup¬†facebook leads ads email notifications, using¬†LeadSync’s quick start wizard.

You’ll be able to receive leads in your Gmail account or any other email service.

Another way to set up Facebook Lead ad email notifications using LeadSync is as follows.

Here’s a step by step guide to what’s covered in the video:

Creating lead ads email alerts (including lead data):

  1. Sign up to a free 14 day trial of LeadSync.
  2. Add a Facebook account that has admin access to the Page you’re using for you Facebook lead ads. We use your personal account to access Page leads, so you must be a Page Admin.
  3. Click on Connections and then the Add Connection button
  4. Select “Email” from the connections drop down box, then add your email details and name your connection
    Add Facebook Lead ads email notifications
  5. Click Update connection.
  6. Now go to the Lead Forms section and click on Add Facebook Lead Form.
    add a Facebook lead form to LeadSync
  7. Select your Page from the drop down, then wait for to access your Page.
    NOTE: You need to be a direct Page Admin to see your page in the drop-down menu.
  8. Once your Page forms have loaded, select the form, then select the email connection you want your leads to be sent to. Make sure you select the correct lead form that you’re using in your Facebook ads.
    Associate a lead form to a LeadSync connection
  9. Click Update Notifications to save your changes.

You can customise the lead email alerts you receive in the Message Settings area:

You may notice the SMS tab in the image above. Apart from email alerts, LeadSync can also send an SMS, including all the data from the lead form attached to your Facebook ad.

Sending Facebook Leads to CRM’s & Email Marketing Platforms

If you want to get a little more sophisticated with how you process leads, LeadSync has other options too…

CRM Integrations

Using a CRM for your business? Get you Facebook leads into popular CRM platforms including:

Email Marketing Platform Integrations

Need to send leads to an email marketing platform? Have you leads sent to:

You can also send leads to Slack and Google Sheets, and we even have our own email autoresponder, so you can send your new leads an email instantly.

About LeadSync

When Facebook launched Lead Ads in June 2016, I started using the format for myself and my clients as part of the online marketing agency I was running. It was frustrating to have to login to Facebook and download a CSV file and email it to clients each day.

That was the motivation behind developing LeadSync: a Facebook Ads application that works with the lead ad format, to forward new leads instantly, including the lead data.

Now we deliver around 150,000 leads per month via email, for 1000’s of advertisers, in a diverse range of industries including real estate, automotive, fitness & health… just to name a few.

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