How to Integrate Facebook Lead Ads with GetResponse

Facebook leads to GetResponse

There are a couple of important steps you need to take to send your Facebook lead ad leads to GetResponse. If you want to be able to start contacting your leads via GetResponse, then you need to make sure you’ve disabled the double opt-in functionality in you account.

Make sure you follow all the setup below to get your Facebook Lead Ads leads into GetResponse campaigns.

Here’s how to disable double opt-in on a GetResponse campaigns.

You may want to setup a dedicated campaign for your Facebook Lead Ads campaigns.

Here’s how you get your Facebook leads into GetResponse:

  1. From the Connections tab, click Add Connection.
    Add GetResponse Connection
  2. Select GetResponse as the Connection you want to add:
    Select GetResponse
  3. Now to find your GetResponse API key, login to your account, go to you account details section, then click the Integrations & API settings:
    Integrations & API settings
  4. Inside the settings, select API and then click on Generate API key:

Generate API key

5. A new window will pop-up asking you to name your API, name it something that will help you identify it easily, afterwards, click on Generate:

Generate API key for LeadSync

6. Copy and save the API key generated which you will need in the next step:

Save the API key

7. Paste it into the API key section, name the Connections and hit “Update Connection”:
Setup GetResponse Connection8. Once you’ve added your API key and click on Update connection, a “List” section will appear and select your campaign from there:

9. Now it’s time to connect one of your Facebook Page’s  Lead Ad campaigns to your service so that we can synchronize new leads to GetResponse. Name and email are automatically selected, but make sure you assign any custom form fields you have. One you’re done, hit Update notification:Setup Notification10. Finally, you need to make sure you disable the double opt-in option on your campaign. Please follow the GetResponse instructions here.

By Luke Moulton

Founder of