How Apple’s iOS 14 Affects Facebook Lead Ads

iOS 14 and Facebook Lead Ads

With Facebook advertisers worried about the affect the recent iOS updates will have, Facebook Lead ads are still a powerful way of generating leads, but your retargeting campaigns won’t be as effective.

Here’s the good news and the not so good news, given the iOS 14 privacy update:

The Good News

Facebook Lead Ads are still (IMO) one of the best ways to generate leads via social media. Given that the lead conversion happens within the Facebook or Instagram app, the lead still gets tracked.

Conversely, if you are sending traffic to a landing page on your website, with the intention of generating a lead via a contact form, most of these on-website leads will not be tracked for people using iOS 14.

As per Facebook’s warning within Ads Manager:

“… results may not include conversions from people who have opted out of tracking on iOS 14. In some cases, statistical modeling may be used to account for some conversions.”

The Not So Good News

The bad news not so good news is that retargeting campaigns won’t be anywhere near as effective as they used to be. Previously, retargeting website visitors with Facebook & Instagram lead ads was an excellent way to generate more qualified leads. Given the privacy update, many/most iOS users won’t make it onto your retargeting list.

That doesn’t mean you should stop doing retargeting, it just means that you should exclude iOS 14 users from your retargeting lists. This means you’ll still retarget *most* people on Android and Desktop devices.

How to Exclude iOS Devices from Retargeting Campaigns

You can exclude Apple iOS devices at the Ad Set level by clicking on the Exclude option, then add:

Behaviours > Mobile Device Users > All Mobile Devices by Operating System > Facebook access (mobile): Apple (iOS) devices

One more quick tip: given the reduced ability to retarget people on iOS 14, you may want to ask more qualifying questions in your lead form.

For more details on the affects the iOS14 update will have, see Facebook’s help doc.

By Luke Moulton

Founder of