LeadSync vs Zapier for Facebook Lead Ad Notifications

We’re often asked: Why would I choose LeadSync over Zapier for Facebook Lead ad notifications?

It’s a fair enough questions. Zapier’s a great service with thousands of integrations, which is awesome if you need 1000’s of integrations, but most businesses don’t.

So here are the main reasons why you might choose LeadSync as an alternative to Zapier for your lead notifications:

LeadSync is Cheaper

If you want to setup Facebook notifications using Zapier, you’ll need to purchase their premium feature at a cost of $24.99 per month.

Our Basic account is $9 per month – less than half the cost. Our next level subscription, Business, is still cheaper at $19 per month.

We Just Do Facebook Leads

Our service is focused on connecting Facebook Lead ads with around 20 of the most popular CRM’s and Email marketing platforms, as well as simply sending leads to your email inbox or via SMS. So that’s our focus.

Better Support

Given our focus on Facebook Lead Ads, we provide you with dedicated support.

In-built Autoresponder Emails

We have a simple built in email autoresponder, which means you can send an email response to your lead instantly, without having to hook up Mailchimp or another email marketing platform.

Built in SMS

We have SMS notifications built in. All accounts come with 10 SMS credits per month with the ability to purchase more if needed. You don’t need to try to connect another service (via Zapier).

Still not convinced? Take a 14 day trial and see for yourself 🙂

By Luke Moulton

Founder of