5 Tips for Generating more Qualified Leads with Facebook Lead Ads

Qualifying Facebook Leads

The #1 complaint I hear about Facebook lead ads goes something like this:

“The lead quality is poor; every lead I call either doesn’t answer or doesn’t want to proceed to the next stage”.

If this sounds familiar, here are some techniques you can try to improve sales conversions from your Facebook lead ad campaigns:

1) Use the Higher Intent Lead Form Setting

Higher Intent Facebook Lead Ad Form Option

When creating your form, select the Higher Intent form type. This does 2 things:

  1. Adds an extra confirmation screen to the lead form; almost like a double opt-it.
  2. The submit button becomes a swipe button. This adds an additional layer of intent to the submission – it’s not often you swipe to submit a form.
Higher Intent Facebook Lead Ad review page and slide to submit.

2) Add More Detail to your Intro Screen
With the Paragraph option selected, there’s no apparent limit to the number of characters you can add to the intro Page. This means you can provide more detail about the products or services you offer. Unfortunately (as of the time of writing) you can’t format this page or add images.

Facebook Lead ad Intro Screen details

3) Ask for Info that doesn’t get pre-filled
If you’ve only been asking for details like first name, email and phone, that get automatically pre-filled in the form, then ask for something the user needs to manually add or select from a dropdown. This might be a short custom questions like “when are you thinking of [selling your home]”, or it may be one of the other fields that people don’t always use such as Zip/Postcode.

Here’s an example of a lead form we used with a drop-down question:

Facebook Lead Form Custom Drop Down question.

4) Follow Up Leads ASAP
Following up leads with a phone call within 1 hour of the lead being submitted can significantly improve sales conversion rates. Leads are ten times less likely to convert if you contact them more than 5 minutes after they filled out a lead form. This means that contacting a lead in the first 5 minutes can result in a 1000% increase in conversion. Being this quick to respond to a lead may seem impossible, but if you’re a small business, you might try using SMS lead ad notifications.

5) Follow Up Leads in Multiple Channels
If you’ve tried to call a lead a couple of times and haven’t had an answer, then follow up with an SMS and Email. You can try using our SMS and Email autoresponders if you’d like to send an instant message to new leads.

By Luke Moulton

Founder of LeadSync.me