How to generate leads for your Real Estate Business with Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads for Realtors

If you’re a real estate agent, you understand the importance of building  a database of home owners in your local area. You know that that the vendor is your client, after all they’re the one who pays you.  You also know that chances are, over time, a high percentage of people are going to sell their property.

You’ve probably used direct mail, and more recently, digital lead generation techniques lead generation. And like many realtors you’ve probably created a Facebook Page where you post your new property listing, open for inspections, etc.

But are you taking advantage of one of Facebook’s most powerful lead generation advertising formats, Facebook Lead Ads?

What are Facebook Lead Ads?

Essentially, Facebook Lead ads are a smart phone friendly ad. Here’s an example:

Realtor Facebook Lead Ad Example

Let me walk you through what’s happening here.

Step 1: You create an add targeting “Home Owners” within, say, 5 miles of your Realtor business. Each day, some of those people see your ad, in this case about property valuations, and they click on Get Quote.

Step 2: (pay attention this is the important bit) Facebook pre-fills a contact form with the persons details, based on what that person has entered into their Facebook profile. Why is this so great? Because it means people don’t have to peck out their own details on a contact form. Much less friction AND you don’t have to send them to a slow loading page on your website.

Step 3: They click submit and voila, you have their contact details for your sales team to follow up with a call or email.

What happens to the leads?

The fresh leads are available for download via your Facebook Business page, under Publishing tools:


The only downside to Facebook Lead Ads is that you don’t get the lead details sent to you. You have to manually visit the above screen and download your new leads. This is inconvenient for you, and often result in a delay in responding to the lead, which in turn can result in lost opportunities.

That’s where LeadSync comes in. If you setup a free LeadSync account, when you get a new Facebook lead, we’ll instantly send you an email with the lead’s details in it, so you can follow up immediately. LeadSync also synchronise with Follow Up Boss, TopProducer and many other email marketing and CRM systems.

If you don’t already have a Facebook Page for your Real Estate business, here’s how to set one up. Then you can get started on building your Facebook Lead Ad campaigns.

By Luke Moulton

Founder of