How to Spy on Your Competitors’ Facebook Ads

How to Spy on Competitors' Facebook Ads

With all the hoo haa around Facebook privacy, halfway through last year, they quietly announced the Info and Ads section for Pages.  Now when you view a Facebook Page, the Info and Ads menu item shows up to the bottom left of the Page menu items, like so…

RE/MAX Facebook Page

In Facebook’s own words…

“This section is designed to bring additional transparency to Pages and the ads they’re running.  Info and Ads allows anyone on Facebook to view the active ads a Page is running as well as the ability to learn more information about the Page (such as the date created and any previous name changes).”

The cool thing about this feature is, that as marketers, we can now spy on your competitors Facebook Ads campaigns – at least the ones that are currently running.

In the case of real estate agent franchise RE/MAX, we can see they are running the same ad in multiple formats including carousel, static images, and video ad formats:

RE/MAX Facebook Carousel AdRE/MAX Facebook Static Image Ad

RE/MAX Facebook Video AdRE/MAX Facebook Static Ad

This is a great feature to use for inspiration for your own Facebook ad campaigns, particularly if you’re a small business trying to emulate the results of larger businesses.

The secret sauce we’re missing, however, is the audience targeting. Testing a mixture of age, profession and geographic targeting should help you find an audience that works for you.



By Luke Moulton

Founder of