How to Synchronize Facebook Lead Ad Leads with VerticalResponse

A powerful CRM that’s been around for years, VerticalResponse makes it easy to compose emails, setup Autoresponders and as well as post to social media profiles.

However, it doesn’t have the native ability to automatically import leads from Facebook Lead ads. So here’s how you can get your leads out of Facebook Lead ads and into Vertical Response almost immediately.

Add VerticalResponse as a Connection in LeadSync

  1. Login to, go to the connections tab and click “Add Connection”.
    Add Vertical Response Connection
  2. Select VerticalResponse form the Connection drop down menu.
    Select VerticalResponse
  3. You should then be taken to the VerticalResponse login screen. Login to your account.
  4. Once you’ve logged in, you should be returned to the LeadSync connection screen with your access key automatically inserted. Add a name for this connection then click Update Connection.
    Add VerticalResponse Connection
  5. Select the VerticalResponse Contact list that you want your Facebook Leads to be added to and click Update Connection again.
    Select your VR contact list
  6. You’re done adding your connection.

Now we need to choose which Facebook Lead form we want to synchronize with our new VerticalResponse connection.

Connecting a Facebook Lead form with VerticalResponse

  1. From the Lists section, click “Add Facebook Lead Form”.
  2. Now you can setup the connection between your Facebook Lead form and VerticalResponse.
    Setup Connection
  3. Hit Update Notification and you’re done!


By Luke Moulton

Founder of