How to Synchronize Facebook Leads with MailerLite

By May 27, 2017 FAQs No Comments
Facebook Lead Ads MailerLite

MailerLite is a great “lite” email marketing platform for small business. With a great drag and drop editor it makes creating good looking email newsletters easy. More importantly, MailerLite also has email autoresponders, so when you generate a new lead from Facebook ads, you can use LeadSync to add this lead to an autoresponder sequence and start marketing to new leads right away.

How to Facebook Lead ads to MailerLite

  1. Login to and click on “Connect a Service”
  2. Select “MailerLite” from the drop down.
  3. To find your MailerLite API key, login to your MailerLite account. From the top right drop down menu, select “Integrations”. Next to the “Developer API” item, click on the “use” button. Copy the API Key.
  4. Back in LeadSync, paste the API Key into the “Add your mailer lite API key” field.
  5. Name the connection – something like “MailerLite connection” for example.
  6. Click “Update Connection”
  7. You should now see a drop down list with the Facebook Forms you can connect MailerLite to. Select the Facebook For you’re using to generate leads for this MailerLite campaign.
  8. Click “Update Connection” to finish connecting the assets.

Pairing a Facebook Lead form to Your Connection

  1. From the Lists area, select the “Add Facebook Lead Form” button
  2. Select your Page, Form, Connection and match your fields and then click “Update Notification”.

Voila! If you have any problems adding your connection, just hit up our team.