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9 Secrets to Targeting High Net-Worth Individuals with Facebook Ads

The other day I was chatting (via email) to one of our LeadSync customers, she’s trying to target high net-worth individuals with her campaigns. It occurred to me that this is something I’ve done regularly when running Facebook Ad campaigns for clients, and something many B2B businesses struggle with.

Often advertisers will try targeting people based on their occupation: CEO’s, CMO’s, Founders, to name just a few examples.

This is fine, in theory, however, we’re relying on people having entered their profession into the Work and Education section of their Facebook profile. Not only that, we’re relying on them keeping it up to date.

Facebook work and education profile

When writing this post, I checked my own Facebook profile. I hadn’t updated it in 3 years.

If we can’t rely on profile data, then how else can we target higher income earners? I believe it’s best to target people based on what they do, not what they say they do šŸ˜‰

This being these case, here are some targeting options for getting in front of those people earning the big bucks. These are all set at the Ad Set level and the real power is in combining them to lazer target your audience:

  1. “Frequent International Travelers”
    This is a “behavior”. Facebook knows where you are unless you’ve turned off the Location option in app settings. I have no idea what the definition of “frequent” is, however, this behavioral targeting has worked for me in the past in larger countries where it costs a lot to fly to another country. Australia is a perfect example.
  2. High-end device users
    On its own, targeting high-end devices isn’t necessarily an indicator of wealth. However, combined with other targeting option, it may help refine your audience. Some of the latest Samsung phones are getting pretty pricey. High-end device ownership will also vary from country to country. This option might work well in emerging countries for example.
    Target iPhone XS Users
  3. ZIP Code / Post Code Geo-Targeting
    In every city around the world, there are wealthy areas and there are not so wealthy areas. If you’re a local, you’ll be familiar with which ZIP codes, post codes, or whatever you call them, are the fancy shmancy places to live. Armed with this knowledge you can target people who live inĀ these locations. I bolded that bit, as that’s the option you should select before adding in your zip codes. I’ve used Manhattan NY as an example but being from Melbourne, Australia, I’m not sure if these ZIP codes are accurate – I’m assuming anyone who lives anywhere in Manhattan is wealthy.
    Facebook Ads Zip code targeting
  4. Demographics > Financial > Income (US Only)
    Further to the above, there is an option to target the top income ZIP codes in the US. Depending on your Facebook Ad account location, you may see other options here.
    Top income households US
  5. Interest Targeting
    On its own this might not be the most powerful targeting method, after all; I love Audi R8’s but that doesn’t mean I can afford one. Combine Interests with other interests, plus other targeting options and this will help you build a targetedĀ persona. Think high-end fashion labels, motor vehicle companies, travel destinations, expensive beverages, yachting, hotel chains… chihuahua lovers. Think outside the box with this one and combine interests as follows:
    Interest Targeting
  6. People who prefer high-value goods
    This option is only available in 13 countries and doesn’t include the US, Australia or Europe and the UK (have they left the EU yet?). I’m not even going to try to guess why these countries made the cut, however, this is a targeting option worth testing if your audience is in one of these lucky countries.
    People who prefer high-value goods
  7. Facebook Payments Users
    While not available in all countries, the “Facebook Payments users (higher than average spend)” lets you target people who have transacted using, you guessed it, Facebook Payments. I’m uncertain as to how popular Payments is, so throw this one in the mix for testing in your campaigns.
    Facebook Payments Users
  8. Business Page Admin >Ā 
    Another targeting option that can be powerful when combined with others, is the Business Page Admin behavior. Take one part Business page admin, AND one part Frequent international traveler, and you’ve may have identified a high net-worth business owner.
  9. Find People Who Shop Online
    If you’re selling expensive stuff online, then you might try adding “Engaged Shoppers”, found under Behaviours >Purchase behavior. This way you’ll know your ads are getting in front of people willing to shop online.
    Engaged Shoppers

If you’ve made it this far, I hope you’ve realized that the power isn’t in any one particular targeting options, the real magic comes when you combine them. For a map of all the targeting options available in Facebook Ads, check out our Facebook Ads Targeting Guide.

And if you have a Facebook ads power tip, pop it in the comments below.

By Luke Moulton

Founder of

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