Thrive Leads for WordPress Review: Features, Pros, and Cons

Chances are you’ve already heard how important email marketing is. It can help you market and grow your business in a way that other marketing strategies can’t. But to start sending emails, you need a recipient at the other end. To build a list of the people you want to target from your blog or website’s traffic, you will need the right tools. One tool that can help you create and grow your email list is Thrive Leads.  In this post, we will review this tool to help you determine whether it suits your needs.

About Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is one of the top lead generation plugins in the market. It’s designed to integrate seamlessly with WordPress. While most email marketing solutions are focused on sending emails, few give you the ability to grow your email list. Fortunately, Thrive Leads bridges this gap by helping you create attractive forms that draw the attention of your site’s visitor, enticing them to sign up. The conversion-focused forms not only make it easier to attract subscribers to send emails, but they also accelerate the process of building an email list.

Key Features Explained

Thrive Leads comes loaded with powerful features. They include:

  • Lead Groups – Allows you to design and customize the type and position of the opt-in forms you want on your website. You can also use it to easily test which forms work best and in what position. There are 10 highly engaging forms you can add in this group. Some of the forms include pop-up lightbox, in-line, PHP insert, sticky ribbon, in content, screen filler, widget, scroll mat, and step opt-in.
  • Lead Shortcodes – This feature allows you to build forms according to your taste, and copy and paste the shortcode inside your content, where you want the form to be displayed. It gives you more flexibility on where you can position your form on a page. You can use a template or design the form from scratch using the drag and drop feature.
  • ThriveBoxes – You can set a lightbox to be triggered whenever a visitor clicks a call to action link, button, or image in your content.  This feature is beneficial since visitors are more likely to sign up after clicking a form link. If you want to add a Content Upgrade to a page, you can use this option.
  • Signup Segue – This feature simplifies the sign-up process when you are organizing events. Instead of asking your current email subscribers to fill in a form again, you just need to send them a link. After the link is clicked, the subscriber automatically gets signed up without being asked for any information. You can still view their details from the form they filled when they first signed up.
  • Targeted List Building – Thrive Leads allows you to narrow down and target a specific group of people. You can target site visitors with forms based on the device they use, the content they are reading, how long they have been subscribers, the time they spend on a post, and so on.
  • View Your Overall List Building Efforts – After setting up your forms across your site, you can use an inbuilt analytics tool to monitor your impressions and conversion rates. This allows you to play around with your tactics until you find a strategy that works. You can also integrate your forms with other email marketing platforms.

How Much Does Thrive Leads Cost?

You can get access to Thrive Leads through two ways:

  • Purchasing the individual plugin – One-time fee of $67 for one site, $97 for five sites, or $147 for 15 sites.
  • Purchasing the Thrive Membership –  Costs $19 a month (billed annually) for up to 25 sites. You will have access to all products.
  • Both plans come with unlimited updates for life.

Thrive Leads – the Good and the Bad


  • User friendly and easy to manage
  • Supports all designs of opt-in forms
  • Has a rich collection of form templates
  • Comes with intuitive tools that make it easy to customize forms
  • Can integrate with multiple email marketing services
  • Offers various resources to help you get the best out of the tool
  • Strong split testing capability
  • Comes with an in-build analytics feature that provides valuable reports
  • Offers lifetime updates


Although a great tool, Thrive Leads has a few downsides. Some of them include:

  • Can only be used on a self-hosted WordPress site
  • Some of the templates aren’t modern

The Verdict

When it comes to WordPress lead generation plugins, few tools can match the powers of Thrive Leads. It has a plethora of features that you can use to get people subscribing and in the process, expand your email marketing list. It has great pricing for what it offers, and it’s stable and reliable. If you are looking for a WordPress-specific solution, add Thrive Leads to your stack of tools.  

By Luke Moulton

Founder of