White Labelling Facebook Lead Ads Email Notifications

If you’re an agency building leads for your clients via Facebook Lead Ads, you may have looked at a number of solutions that allow you to deliver them leads. Driftrock and LeadsBridge are two services that can forward Facebook Leads via email, however they can be expensive and restrictive.

With LeadSync we can help you setup Facebook Lead Ads notifications so that they appear to come form your agency email address along with a simple signature.

This means that when your client receive their Facebook Ads leads via email, they will appear to come from “you@youragency.com”. This reinforces your brand and hopefully reminds your client why they’re paying you the big bucks 😉

This white label option is available with our Agency Plan, and requires some setup on your domain, but once done means that your client will see leads appearing in their inbox, coming from your email address.